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Route setting


Each week sections of the climbing walls are striped down and reset. This ensures the holds are kept clean and grippy, the walls are looked at and maintained and most importantly, you as a customer are able to try something new every week!


In the majority of zones you will fine every grade, ranging from beginner to some of the hardest grades in climbing. We define each grade range by colour, which stays consistent throughout the centre for ease of use. This can be found when walking onto the matted area.

I climb at bloc twice a week it has great music, staff and climbing. The atmosphere is amazing full of friendly positive people and has great clubs for all ages.

Joseph Burguete

Comp style

Using purple holds we offer a comp style grade range. This means in each zone you can try your hand at problems that are like ones you may find in a bouldering competition.

Short reach

We like to accommodate all and having a short reach circuit allows everyone to complete moves and problems weather short or tall. Currently set using our mint colour holds.

The setters

We have a fantastic team of setters all providing variety in their own setting styles. They have the experience and know how to test climbers in each grade range in balance, footwork, strength and coordination. Helping you improve and work through the grades.   

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