Youth and Senior Climbing Competition (Sunday, 12/10/14)

It’s time for another Climbing competition and Social.

We know you love them and we know you want more excuses to get together, put into practice all that hard training you have been doing and try some funky problems.

As always its also an excuse to come in grab some pizza and drinks and catch up with some friends (or make new ones) while encouraging the finalists.

The competition and the crowd last time were outstanding! We expect the same high energy this time.

Never been to a climbing competition before?

Come along for the fun and atmosphere, beers (after) and pizza. There are plenty of staff at hand to help you up those problems, offer advice and introduce you to the world of fun competition climbing. Its only for fun!

No matter what your level we promise you’ll enjoy the day.

Once you are finished with the competition problems there is no reason not to enjoy your normal climbing.
This time it’s on a Sunday.

We know many of you were asking for a weekend event  and since we aim to please, here it is, a Sunday climbing competition.

The juniors compete in the morning and the Seniors competing in the afternoon (see below for exact times).


Junior Qualification Round: 11 am onwards
Junior Final: 1pm

Senior Qualification Round: 12.30pm
Senior Final: 5pm


Junior: Under 16’s
Senior: 16’s and Over

In the case of a draw in the final the qualification round scores will be used.

Food and Beers

Berthas Pizza will be here again for this event. Berthas Pizzas, if you missed them last competition are a great addition to Bloc, they are a family run business which delivers top quality pizzas made on site, by hand in the back of their Land Rover Discovery which they have modified into a stone baked pizza oven cooking pizzas in under 90 seconds reaching up to 500 degrees!

All our usual top beers will be here for you including:

  • BrewDog
  • Wiper and True
  • Sol


More music more people this time at Bloc we will have the added speakers out for this competition with some new DJ’s stepping up to the plate.

Here are a few photos to get you excited….