Youth climbing sessions for May’s school holiday

The May half term school holiday will soon be upon us. Sign up today for one of our fun and challenging children’s climbing sessions.

Our children’s indoor climbing sessions run from 10.30am to 11.30am on Tuesday and Thursday of the school holiday.

What are the children’s bouldering sessions and who are they for ?

The children’s bouldering sessions are a fun yet structured session for the ages of 6 -16. Bouldering is climbing at low levels with no ropes above safety matting and is fantastic way to increase health, fitness, strength and a positive attitude towards trying hard.

Who looks after the children?

The climbing sessions are looked after by one of our friendly and qualified instructors. Our instructors have a huge range of experience from teaching 6 year olds to 60 year olds and have the skills in place to manage and develop any budding climber.

What happens on our climbing sessions?

The climbing sessions are a mix of climbing, games and exercise. Depending on the group age and ability to the instructor will modify the sessions to match.

Often the lines between climbing and games blur allowing those naturally shy to try climbing and pushing themselves while maintaining a fun attitude towards the activity.

How to book

Booking ahead is recommended and can be completed online at The cost of the sessions are £10p/p, shoe hire is included.

Our holiday opening times

We are operating our school holiday opening hours in line with the Bristol Schools therefore we are opening from 10am from Monday May 30th until Friday 3rd of June.