The 3rd Corporate Team Climbing Competition. Find out more.

What is the this Team climbing competition all about?

The main aim of this event is to run a friendly, exciting and entertaining competition for all talents and abilities.

The event brings a variety of friends and companies together to compete for a ‘“top quality” trophy, teams compete through climbing and through team or individual non climbing challenges such as hula hooping, Sudoku, Planks and more.

The most important aim is to have fun (and beat the other companies!)

QUICK INFO: To register your interest and the full event program email, also visit the Facebook group for live information and photos after the event.

If you have never entered a competition before, do not fear! Think of it more like a marathon or road bike race, you know that there will be professionals sneaking around in the ranks who might stand a better chance of winning, but you’re excited by the amount of people around you and the vibe of the crowd; it’s the taking part and meeting other like minded people who you can struggle along with that makes these events so great.

This event also takes steps outside of simply climbing as it includes an assortment of other challenges to boost your team score and give those with sore hands a rest without letting them be idle.

Think of a competition as an excuse to try some funky problems, test your limits, have a laugh attempting some of the more ridiculous team challenges and have a good reason for a beer afterwards.

What actually happens during the event?

The event is a team-based competition focused on climbing but with other individual and team-based challenges included, make sure you pick your team wisely as you may need someone with math skills for example (hint hint).

There will be a full briefing followed by the issuing of the team packs, from that moment onwards the competition time will begin. The competition time includes time for climbing and the non climbing challenges, how that time is managed is up to the teams.

There are points for each of the challenges, however are they worth the time it may take to complete? Only the teams can decide.

Through the climbing part of the event, team members will try to get the best score they can by climbing as far as they can on as many of the climbs(problems) as they can. There will be at least 1 Bloc staff member on hand to help and advise you on the climbing – make sure you take advantage of them.

After the competition is complete the scores will be tallied and a prize giving ceremony for the individual winners and winning team will commence. The winning team will glow with unimaginable levels of happiness and be forever content that they took home the trophy for the March 2016 Bloc Corporate Team Competition.

To register your interest email, also visit the Facebook group for live information and photos after the event.