Social/Competition on the 29th of May – Climbing, Music, Pizza and Beer

We will be running another great social & competition full of good vibes, good music and quality boulder problems.

The event is on Thursday 29th May from 2pm until we close at 10pm (although if you keen we are happy to stay open).

This competition is aimed at everyone of all levels, we will also be having BEER, PIZZA, MUSIC and staff will be on hand to help you, encourage and offer some free coaching.

There will be 20 new, wonderful and perhaps weird problems for you to get your head around.

All the normal bouldering problems will be there so you can still have your normal climbing session if you do not wish to take part. But you should, it’s only for fun!

There is no additional charge just the normal entry fee.

There is a collection of prizes available, there will also be prizes available just for entering a score card!

There will be 4 categories, Mens, Womens, Juniors and Vets.

Bristol Bouldering at Bloc


The competition will have 1 long round with 20 problems to complete. You will have unlimited time (we shut at 10pm) to complete and hand in a scorecard. The round will be starting at 2pm on the 29-5-14.

So come along and get to know more of the climbing community, try some funky problems and have a laugh.

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