Social and Climbing Competition 19-3-15

On Thursday the 19th of March we are hosting another one of our fantastic social and climbing competitions aimed at bringing all the climbers together under one roof for fun and hard work all at the same time! We will be setting a brand new set of 20 climbing problems for you to test yourself against mentally and physically.

The qualification climbing problems will be open From 4pmĀ and the final will start at 9pm.


All of the climbing centre will be open as normal for those not wishing to enter, although of course we encourage all to attempt the problems. It’s free to enter the competition and it’s a great way to improve and to meet more climbers and friends. The problems in the competition are often a very different style than normal, generally being much more thought provoking.


If you have only just started climbing recently, this could be the best social for you. All of our staff are on hand throughout the event to help and coach you up the problems, so make the most of them.

After the qualification round has finished (8.30pm) we will announce the finalists. The top 3 men and top 3 women will be put into isolation and brought out 2 at a time to try the final problems while all of us watch and cheer them on. They all need your support so be nice, it’s scary climbing out there on your own.

Not quite sure if you will like it?

If the climbing is not for you or you’re not sure, why not come down around 8.45 for a beer or coffee to watch and to heckle the finalists and become inspired ready for you’re next session at Bloc.

Often the guys and girls in the final are of the highest quality, sometimes in the British team! We are always treated to a good show.

The final lasts normally around 45 minutes.