Open University Competition – 20th of April

Remember that next week (20th of April) we are holding a open University Climbing Competition, this event is open to all students and caters for all abilities. There will be staff available throughout the event to help and support those still fairly new to climbing.

Our aim is to always be as welcoming as possible and really generate feeling of fun through challenge. The scoring system is set so that effort is really rewarded, points are given even for getting off the ground making it worth trying even the hardest of the climbs.

With a huge range of problems with the majority being in the lower ranges and with staff on hand to help this is a great competition to push yourself.

Of course there will be a good few classic test pieces for the strongest among you.

The event starts sharply at 3pm so climbers are advised to come along from 2pm to get ready, a full briefing on the scoring the problems and how to event will run, there will also be plenty of help throughout.

How to enter

No pre booking is required simply turn up on the day and register at reception. There is no additional cost to the climbing competition. Entry is charged at normal rate.

You will need to be a member of the centre or to be a guest of a member, if you have not registered with us and you have previous climbing experience of around 10 hours or more you may register for a cost of £4.

See you all at 2.30pm