Novembers Social and Competition (8/11/14)

With the winter coming on fast we are putting on another competition and social event to keep our spirits high and something to aim for with our climbing training.

There are more climbers than we have ever seen climbing in Bristol and more coming through daily, never has it been more important to come together and meet the rest of the climbing community, come along on Saturday the 8th to climb all the normal quality problems, try out 20 funky and testing problems, eat pizza, listen to the tunes being spun by the Extract team and feast on the outstanding pizzas from Berthas Pizza.

The junior round is starting at 10.30am with the final at 1pm and the senior round starting at 1.30pm with the final at 6pm. We are staying open a bit later than normal, giving us all a bit more time to chill, grab a pizza and sink a couple more drinks.

Junior Competition Climbing

For the juniors, we will be having a full final which will be as close to international standards as we can get!

The junior final is set for 1pm, so don’t be late and give yourself plenty of time to climb all the problems and get your scorecard in.

Details of the event


Junior Main Round:  10.30am

Junior Main round finish: 1pm

Junior Final:  1.30pm



Senior Main Round: 1pm onwards

Senior Main Round Finish: 5.30pm

Senior Final: 6pm


Details of Categories

Junior: Under 16’s ?

Senior: Over 16’s

Vets: None


Details of Competition

Style: Flash

Scoring: 10,7,4,1 ( self )

Blocks: 25


Details of finals

Senior Finals

Style: 4+

Scoring: Attempts, Bonuses, Tops (Judges)

Blocks: 3 for Male, 3 for Female.


Junior Finals

Style: 3+

Scoring: Attempts, Bonuses, Tops (Judges)