Bristol Bouldering Champs Junior Results + Prizes

Well done again to all the junior competitors who came along and enjoyed the event. It was great to see you all having a blast as well as climbing on the brand new holds!

Congratulations also to the top 3 male and female climbers. The fantastic set of prizes for the top 3 are here at Bloc ready to collect at anytime, do not worry if you will not be back for a while we will keep them very safe for you.

This years Bristol Open Bouldering Championships prizes were fantastic for all.

1st  £25 BananaFingers Voucher

2nd DMM boulder bucket & a big bag of DMM Chalk.

3rd Beta Climbing designs goody bag, containing climb on bar, brush etc

Thanks to all our sponsors for the events, please take some time to visit their website to show them your support.

Junior Male

1 Stevie Vanstone 209
2 Brooklyn Wheldon 209
3 Noah Crossingham 133
4 Jake Raby 126
5 Sam Tune 51
6 Cuan 47

Stevie winning on a shoot out on qualifier no.22.


Junior Female

1 Keira Law 200
2 Jessica Maria Reysen 178
3 Katie Acton 172
4 Leah Freeman 136
5 Amy Tune 134
6 Lydia Furness 105