July Social and Competition (Thursday 10th of July 2014)

We love running them and you love coming to them so lets have another social/competition!

On the Thursday the 10th of July from 2pm we will be opening up the competition problems for try.

As always the problems will be fantastic, fun and unique with a final sure to get you keen to train harder!

Once your finished climbing, unless you think you might have a score good enough to put you in the final, its time to grab some grub a beer or cider and catch up with friends while getting ready for the final at 9pm.

With the final underway it’s time to heckle and shout on your favourite climber to win.



Details on the competition style

Style: Points are awarded for successfully completing the climb. 10 points are awarded for doing it first go, 7 for doing it on the second attempt, 4 for third attempt and 1 for any subsequent ascent.

Blocs: 20, ranging from easy greens upwards.


Details on the final

The youth Final will be at 7pm with the seniors at 9pm, if you score well and are expecting/want to be in the final your score cards must be handed in 30mins before the start of your final.


Style: 3 minutes plus

Scoring: Attempts, bonuses, tops.

Blocs: 3 for Men, 3 for Women


All winners will be announced immediately after the final.

All scores will be collected on the day and counted the next morning and the scores will be online asap, along with a collection of photos from the event.

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to call or contact us online through the normal channels or email info@blocclimbing.co.uk