Corporate Team Competition for all next Friday. 6pm.

This Friday from 6pm our Corporate Team Competition begins. You will need a team of 3 and handful of physical and mental energy. Teams will compete through climbing problems and other challenges such as Hula hooping and Crosswords.

QUICK INFO: To register your interest email, also visit the Facebook group for live information and photos after the event.

The event heavily rewards effort rather than pure strength and is fun and friendly throughout. The whole event has a very relaxed feel and is run privately for those that register (we are still open to the public however).


What does it involve?

There are full briefings, introductions, explanations and help throughout the event. This Team Competition has been created to be the best first climbing based competition you could ever go to!

The event is a climbing and other mental and physical challenges, the event is hosted from start to finish and runs over approximately 3 hours.

There is one large timed restricted round whereby in your teams you try to complete as many tasks you wish in any order, for example you may choose to complete some climbing and then have a tactical rest while attempting some the mental challenges. All the scores are tallied and then a final team score submitted, the highest score wins and takes home the trophy.

You will need a team of 3 and preregistration while not required is preferred. Email or visit the Facebook group for the full program and team sheets.