Corporate Team Competition at Bloc

November 4th 2016 – 6pm

Aim of the Event

The main aim of this event is to run an exciting competition for all abilities. The event brings  climbers from a variety of companies together for a fun and friendly competition and social.

The most important  aim is to have fun!

If you have never entered a competition before, do not fear! Think of it more like a marathon or road bike race;  you know that there will be professionals sneaking around in the ranks who might stand a better chance of winning than you, but you’re excited for the challenge and the vibe of the teams. It’s the taking part and meeting other like minded people who you can struggle along with that makes these events so great.


Think of a competition as an excuse to try some funky problems, test your limits, have a laugh and have a good reason for a beer afterwards.


This event also takes steps outside of climbing as it  includes an assortment of other challenges to boost your team score and give those with sore hands a rest without letting them be idle.


What actually happens during the event?

The event is a team-based competition focused on climbing but with other individual and team-based challenges included. It is important then to make sure you pick your team wisely as you may need someone with math skills for example (hint hint).

There will be a full briefing followed by the issuing of the team packs, from that moment onwards the competition time will begin. The competition time includes time for climbing and the non climbing challenges, how that time is managed is up to the teams.

There are points for each of the challenges, however are they worth the time it may take to complete? Only the teams can decide.

Through the climbing part of the event, team members will try to get the best score they can by climbing as far as they can on as many of the climbs(problems) as they can. There will be at least 1 Bloc staff member on hand to help and advise you on the climbing – make sure you take advantage of them.

After the competition is complete the scores will be tallied and a prize giving ceremony for the individual winners and winning team as well as runner ups will be announced shortly after.



Day Friday 4th November 2016
Times Arrive: 6.00pm (approx)

Welcome Meeting/Briefing: 6.30pm

Round: 6.45 – 8.45pm
Awarding Ceremony: 9.15pm

Competition Style Qualification Round
Redpoint (1 point per move, 20 problems)

Infinite attempts, best score counted.


Team Details 3 People in each team

Unlimited teams per company


Timeline for the event

The event starts at 1800

0 – 15min Full group briefing, how the comp works, staff introductions, plan for the day, how scoring works, handing out score cards.
15min –  2hr 30min Qualification round
~2hr 30min – 3hrs Presentation for winners and group winners, photos. De-brief, thanks etc.Notes on the climbing and boulder problems


25 bouldering problems will be selected and tagged up accordingly with starting holds and finish holds.  The 25 boulder problems will be new and set specifically for this competition and a university competition 2 days before.


How the scoring works

All aspects of the competition are scored (climbing and challenges) and go towards your total team score, the team with the highest score wins.

Climbing in the qualification Round

The climbing will be in a Redpoint format (1 point per move, 20 problems). Infinite attempts and the best score counted.


The scoring is as follows:

20 points for the completion of the problem

19 points for the penultimate hold

18 points for the 2 down from the finish hold

and so on…


That means that if you pull yourself of the ground from the start holds you have earned  points for your team.


Extra point scoring options (Team and individual Challenges)

Also added to the team scores are the possible points available for completing  various challenges during the event.


Individual Challenges

Can be attempted by each team member only once. The points awarded for completion of a challenge are added to each team member’s score.

Challenge Points A full brief will be given at each event
Hula hoop 20 Hula hoop for 5 minutes non stop. Only one attempt per team member.
Wobble Board 20 Stand on Wobble Board without falling off for 20 seconds while blindfolded.
Spinning basketball 10 Spin a basketball on finger for 15 seconds.
Shot on goal 10 Thow all 3 bean bags into hoop (goal). 1 member throws all 3 bags.


Team Challenges

All the team challenges can only be attempted once. The points awarded for completion of a challenge are added to the team score.

Challenge Points A full brief will be given at event.
Sling Pass 5 All the team must pass through the sling twice in under 4 seconds.
Crossword 20 Complete a crossword.
Sudoku 20 Complete a hard Sudoku.
Team Plank 10 All team members must plank for 1 minute non stop.
Match- stick Wine Glass Exam 10 Get the ball out of the wine glass by only moving 3 of the match sticks. No phones allowed!
Matching T’s 10 The full team must arrive and compete wearing matching company t-shirts.
Helium Stick 20 The team must move a bamboo stick from waist height to the floor, sounds easy!

Extra notes on the Event

Throughout the event the cafe will run as normal. After the competition or until the final (except those that are in it!) we will have some of the finest locally brewed ale and cider on sale in the cafe.

Our normal opening hours are 12 – 10pm, however for this event we will being staying open until the last of you are gone, you are more than welcome, in fact we encourage you, to carry on climbing (if you haven’t had any beer) or to stay to chat, socialise and have a few beers and some food.

We look to forward to seeing you all here enjoying yourselves!


Registering for the Competition

Please email to register your interest and you will then receive a team register form:  you will need to fill this in and return it via email.

The cost of the event is £30 per team of three or £10p/p

Please make group (team) payments at least 3 days before the competition to secure your place (if you are unable to please inform us as soon as possible, this can be done at reception or over the phone anytime during our normal opening hours, please reference your team name if paying over the phone (teams heets must be sent in prior to payment).



If anyone has any questions about the event or would just like to know a little bit more please do not hesitate to contact or ring on 0117 955 8508.