Corporate Competition Results (13-2-15)

Team Results

A tie with of score of 1176 the 2 teams, Ultrateam and Smaaashing had to go head to head in a V-sits competition, the 2 team captains were brought to the front and sat either side of the trophy ready for a gruelling 1 minute of V-sits, whoever did the most wins. Rosie Wilson, now known as the ‘Hydraulic Wilson’ took the title for Ultrateam.




Smaaashing (Dyson)


Tormarton Bouldering Team (


Aeb (Rolls Royce)


Final Individual Results


Alex Skelton


Rosie Wilson


Qualification Scores

Name Score
Alex Skelton 399
Scottish Dave 395
Misael Furon 394
Henry 394
Roland 392
Ben Crichton 392
Rosie Wilson 391
Tim o’hanrahan 391
Tom 391
Paul Wood 391
Josh Multon 390
Toby Davies 388
Graham Buck 388
Mark Mullan 387
Tom Crane 387
Flip 387
Nacho 379
Koli 378
Ben Ballard 375
Edwin Mak 374
Raul 373
Adam Sage 372
Matt Hall 358
Rory 356
Billie 349
Jordi 310
Gedde Baret 309