Corporate Competition at Bloc (28th-June-2014)

We are running an exciting and friendly corporate team competition for all abilities on the 28th of June 2014
(Saturday) at 2pm

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Our corporate competition includes teams and individual climbers and will have problems to climb at all levels. The aim of the event is to try new problems (exclusive to you and your team), meet new people, get some coaching and experience a competition like the professionals!

Most importantly the aim is to have fun!

The competition is aimed at groups of you that come into Bloc or other walls with your friends from work.

Each company can enter any number of teams made up of 3 climbers.

If you have never entered a competition before do not fear! Think of it as more of a marathon or road bike race, you know there will be professionals sneaking around in the ranks, those that might stand a better chance of winning than you, but there will be a great vibe with the number of climbers around you. It’s the taking part and meeting other like minded people who you can struggle along with that makes these events brilliant.

Think of a competition as an excuse to try some funky problems, try really hard, have a laugh and as a good excuse to earn your beers afterwards.

Overview of the Day

Day Saturday 28/June/14
Time Welcome Meeting/Briefing 2.00pm Round 2.30 – 4pm -Final 4.30 – 5.30pm
Comp Style Round Redpoint (1 point per move, 20 problems) Infinite attempts, best score counted.(3 men, 3 women – 3 final problems)
Winners Men – 1st, 2nd and 3rd Women – 1st, 2nd and 3rd Decided in the final
Group/Team – 1st, 2nd and 3rdTotal overall points scored by any Team
Team Details 3 People in each team
Unlimited teams per company

Timeline for the event

Time Task/Event
0 – 30min Full group briefing, how the comp works, staff introductions, plan for the day, how scoring works, handing out score cards.
30min –  2hr Competition round (staff helping and taking photos, collecting score cards whenever finished).
2hr – 2hr 30min Rest, break before final – staff to tally up scores.
2hr 30min – 3hr 30min Final & presentation for winners and group winners, photos.
3hr 30min – 4hrs Presentation for winners and group winners, photos. De-brief, thanks etc.

Prizes and Winners

Individual Winners

Male Prize Female Prize
1st Prize TBA 1st Prize TBA
2nd Prize TBA 2nd Prize TBA
3rd Prize TBA 3rd Prize TBA


(Collections of T-shirts, brushes, free entries, chalk etc)

Team Winners

Winning Team Prize
1st Prize TBA
2nd Prize TBA
3rd Prize TBA

Music, Drinks and Food

Throughout the event the cafe will run as normal, plus we will source other fine food for you to feast on. After the competition or until the final (except those that are in it!) we will be serving top quality locally brewed ale and cider for you to enjoy.

Our normal opening hours are 10-6pm on the weekends, however for this event we will being staying open until the last of you are gone, you are more than welcome, in fact we encourage you to carry on climbing (if you haven’t had any beer) or to stay to chat and socialise and have a few beers and some food.

We would love to see you all here enjoying yourselves.



If anyone has any questions and or would like to register your interest for the event please do not hesitate to contact or ring on 07795 633 933.