Competition Results- 29th of May 2014

Great night last night, the atmosphere was amazing and you all smashed the blocs!

Thanks to Wiper and True for the ale, Napolita for the pizza and the boys from Extract coffee along with Yan and Ben West for the live music: a great combo.


Keep tracking our blog for the next comp and our next event ‘The Corporate Meet’ end of Jun.  Whether your climbing or not come along and enjoy the atmosphere.


A big thank you also to our sponsors for the competition, Banana Fingers,  They are responsible for supplying the excellent prizes


Please take a second to visit there site or follow them on facebook to show your support.




Results ( Final )

Bristol Bouldering Winners

Senior Men

Hamish Potokar

James Squire


Bristol Bouldering Competition winners

Senior Female

Michelle Wardle


Heather Ogston-west


Stevie Vanstone

Katie Acton

Hannah Russell

Bloc Competition

Bristol bouldering Centre

Results ( 20 Problems )

Senior Men
James Sqiuire 180
Hamish Potokar 178
Vincent 176
Ed Mabon 167
Jamie MacLeod 164
Man with no name 159
James Mabon 154
Ollie 153
Will Eveson 151
Kak Kunrat 150
Jason Williams 150
Al Sarhan 147
Simon Brice 147
Reuben 144
Elliot Boyd 142
Carl Watkins 140
Demus Knowles 140
Remus Knowles 140
Stu Ivory 132
Tim Whitlock 132
Edward Gow-Smith 130
Jakcob West 130
Callum Nicklin 128
Alex Skelton 128
Josh Baldwin 128
Tom Kipling 127
Robert Woolridge 122
Jamie Mabbon 116
Ben Gibbison 110
Jake Leach 108
Paul Banfield 107
Ross Tovey 104
Duncan Backhurst 101
Gavin Edwards 101
Richard Duggen 100
Michael Devereux-Cole 95
Steve Grigg 92
Toby W 92
Robin Marlow 89
Darren Cryer 78
Oliver Sugrue 31
Alex Wolf 30
Mark Smith 27
Ed Jenkins 14
Senior Female  
Llinos 138
Michelle Wardle 121
Heather Ogston 120
Emily Dawes 112
Steph Attwood 107
Darcey Mitchell 104
Ali McMellan 103
Emily Bradley 102
Emily Campbell 98
Hannah Julienne 95
Ro Jones 94
Bry Theile 75
Helen Middleditch 73
Lydia Niven 72
Ruth Lawson 47
Carla Acereda 20