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Our climbing inductions are designed for new climbers and those who would like a refresher to the unique experience of indoor climbing. Our instructors will guide you through the climbing here and be on hand to give words of advice and encouragement. We carefully select our instructors for their warmth and enthusiasm.

Do I need to do an induction?

Pretty much anyone can climb at Bloc, however, only customers with suitable climbing knowledge and experience (competence) can register for unsupervised climbing and/or bouldering. If you want to climb without supervision, you will need to declare your competence to a member of the team who may require a demonstration of your knowledge/skills through answering a series of questions or by a practical demonstration.

If you are not a competent* ‘climber’ or ‘boulderer’, you can still come climbing, you’ll just need to book an induction or come with a suitably experienced adult e.g. a friend, who is already registered with us.

*Note: Some people mistake competence for ability or, how ‘good’ they are. Competence is having an appropriate level of knowledge and experience of climbing and any associated equipment to keep yourself and others safe whilst climbing without supervision – not how good or how strong a climber you are.

What to wear for your climbing induction – there are no specific requirements in terms of clothing however loose fitting clothes, gym type kit, that allow freedom of movement are ideal. Denim is generally best left for the pub.


To book any of our climbing inductions book online here or for bespoke options email us on 


Types of Climbing Induction

Quick StartInduction PlusFamily InductionsWeekly 1hr Inductions

The quickest way to start climbing

The Quick Start Climbing Induction is the minimum requirement if you’ve not climbed indoors before. It covers how to climb effectively and safely. The session also covers some of the basic climbing techniques to help you get started and feel more confident.

We will always do our best to organise an induction at any time even at very short notice. To guarantee availability we advise that you book in advance, this can by contacting us on 0117 955 8508.

The Quick Start Climbing Induction costs £25p/p.  Our inductions are aimed at over 18’s, those aged 16 & 17 wishing to climb unsupervised will need to be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian and both are required to complete the induction.

To book a private quick start induction please email


After the Induction

Stay as long as you like, or your arms hold out at no extra cost.

Remember we are always happy to help, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to come and ask at reception.

What is included

  • Instruction on using the Centre safely and coaching to help you get started with confidence
  • Lifetime Registration
  • Entry. You are welcome to stay and climb after the induction for as long as you wish.
  • Climbing Shoe hire


Start climbing with confidence

The climbing Induction Plus covers everything from the Quick Start Induction along with plenty of coaching to really make sure you understand how to climb and how to improve as fast as possible. During the session we also look at hold types, route sequences, how to train for climbing along with many more topics.

The session is 1 hour long and aims for you to leave feeling confident, understanding everything about the climbing centre and on the way to sailing through the climbing grades.

The Complete Induction costs £55 for either one or two people, and is only available to over 18’s. For group bookings please contact us on 0117 955 8508 to find out more information.

After the climbing induction

After the induction you are more than welcome to stay and climb for as long as you wish no extra cost, we will be here afterwards to answer any questions and offer any help if you need it.

We are here firstly to make sure that you are safe, secondly to help, so if you are stuck on a tricky climb please do not hesitate to come and ask at reception.

What is included

  • Essential safety information
  • High quality coaching
  • Information on improving
  • Strength training strategies
  • Entry and shoes
  • Lifetime Registration


A safe and fun family activity

Our Family Bouldering Induction covers all the necessary safety information and training needed to use Bloc Climbing Centre for you and your family. It  is a 1 hour course where our instructor will guide you and your family around the climbing centre illustrating good climbing techniques and fun exercises so you can all be confident from the very beginning along with all the important safety information and practices to keep you all climbing and using the centre safely.

Cost – £55

Numbers –  2 Adults maximum with a maximum of 3 Children

Duration – 1hr

All of our climbing courses including our Family Induction can be held at almost any time of the day. We try to make organising a family activity at Bloc one of the easier parts of your day. Even at very late notice we are often able to book you in and have you enjoying climbing in no time. To check availability please call 0117 055 8508

What is included

  • Essential safety information
  • High quality coaching
  • Information on improving
  • Entry and shoe hire for everyone
  • Lifetime Registration (Adults, Juniors become guests of the Adult members)

Weekly Inductions

Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday throughout the whole year we hold a 1 hour session for those wanting to learn not only the essentials of bouldering and using the centre safely but also wishing to have a firm idea of essential techniques and concepts surrounding movement as well as style and etiquette used by the climbers with years of experience.

The sessions cover everything that is needed to use the centre safely like all of our inductions and include your entry cost, shoe hire, registration and the instruction.

The Weekly Inductions run at the same cost as the Quick Start Inductions, only £25 per person, but last for another 45 minutes, this is because unlike the QS Inductions these are group sessions open to the public. With a maximum ratio of 1:8 and using our highly skill and qualified instructors you are sure to have a session that exactly suits you needs and level of tuition required to set you on the best path to becoming a climber.

Get going with the easiest and safest way to start climbing.


Booking an Induction

To book any of our weekly inductions please visit or to book a private induction please contact or ring 0117 955 8508.