BUCS Climbing Competition Coming Soon 2/11/16

On November 2nd we are working with the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) to make this UNI bouldering competition a bigger and better one.

This year BUCS have taken the next step in creating more participation in climbing and bouldering. They have created a regional conference that feeds into bouldering final held which is held at The Climbing Works.  We are honored to have been selected to hold one of those regional competitions.


Registration for the competition is completed through BUCS and all of their rules and regulations apply.

The event will be organised by BUCS but run by the Bloc team. As always the event will be top notch and the all of the 25 problems new and exciting to climb, with as many requiring strength as skill and with a great spread of grades suiting all climbers.

For more information see the BUCS website