Bristol’s very first Clip ‘n Climb

Bristol’s very first Clip ‘n Climb, where climbing walls meet theme park, is an exciting new leisure concept for all ages, from four and upwards. Clip ‘n Climb opened last month and has already received great reviews from the many that have scaled its walls!

Clip ‘n Climb’s series of climbing-based activities provide a healthy and fun challenge for all the family!

There’s much talk and focus nowadays on the lifestyles and health of young people, especially with regards to physical activity and obesity. Many parents are keen to find fun ways to get their children interested in physical activity. Here at Clip ‘n Climb we’ve put together a top 10 of reasons for kids to get involved with climbing!

  1. Climbing gives a complete workout for children, ensuring that they get enough exercise. It also helps children develop and build their physical strength, which in turn builds confidence! It also helps improve muscular endurance and flexibility and overall coordination and balance.
  2. Social interaction with other children and adults with a similar interest. Climbing helps kids learn how to work in a group.
  3. Growth of self-confidence: Climbing is about negotiating different challenges and obstacles. As children learn and improve their climbing skills their self-confidence will grow which will spread to other areas of their lives.
  4. Climbing teaches children to listen to and take instruction as well as practising a discipline safely.
  5. As well as being great for kid’s physical health, climbing is also great for mental health as it improves kid’s concentration and focus as well as sensory and motor skills. It is also great for children with learning disabilities. It also promotes problem solving, as in how to safely climb the wall.
  6. A benefit of climbing for children over other forms of sport is that it’s not competitive. It encourages children to work at their own pace and skill level. Our climbing walls can be adapted to any skill level, ensuring all children can enjoy the challenge suitable for them.
  7. Climbing can be a family activity, and here at Clip ‘n Climb in Bristol we welcome all ages from 4 years old up to 99 years old!
  8. Climbing at Clip ‘n Climb can be a stepping stone to climbing outdoors where children can obtain even more health benefits and learn about the natural environment!
  9. Climbing requires focus and concentration, learning these skills helps children both socially and academically.
  10. Climbing helps children develop and improve their hand-eye coordination, and so is perfect for young children!


Clip ‘n Climb has a number of challenges perfect for children! Kids can test their resolve and determination across all of our separate challenges whether it is climbing commando style on the Jungle Gym, reaching new heights on the Skyscraper, or taking the Speed Climbing challenge. Dare to tackle the Lightning Crack or race their friends up Face to Face!


No climbing experience is necessary and full briefing is given. Indoor climbing has never been easier or safer – our automatic belay devices take in the slack as you climb and then lower you gently to the ground.

Advanced booking is recommended but not always necessary. Contact the Clip ‘n Climb team by email or by phone on 0117 9558 508 for more information visit