BMW X2 Results


The BMW X2 event was great fun and a huge success!

The weekend started on the Friday night with the Corporate Competition! The night was great fun and very enjoyable! With ‘Mental Mark and the Mine Boys from Rolls Royce’ putting in a very impressive performance to lift the trophy!

Saturday was the BMW X Night! Throughout the day we had climbing demos and test drives of the new BMW X2 with our on site ambassadors. We were joined in the evening by Leah Crane, Hannah Slaney and Gwyneth Uttley who showed us all how it was done! The mix-gender climbing comp was free to enter, and drew lots of amazing competitors in! But putting in a masterful display to take part in the show case with Hannah Slaney and Gwyneth Uttley was Tommy Matthews and Findley Wood! Then to celebrate the X2 night we had DJs, food and a UV light show!

We would like to thank everyone that came to Bloc and made the weekend such a success!


Tommy Mathews 209
Findley Wood 209
Xavier Caine 206
Emily Phillips 203
Matt Gooder 203
Yan Hawkins 202
Bryn Thomas 199
John Sweatman 190
Miah Mohammed 190
Zsalt Gaal 189
Ziggy Reynolds 183
Joe Thomson 182
Lev Jones 178
Josh Cullen 166
Tom Penfold 164
Patrick Downie 158
Peter Mimaeian 158
Wendy Bradley 155
Paul Thomas 154
Paul Lusmore 152
Gautier Peyronnet 144
Abel Garcia 135
Gethen Baker 123
Matt Jones 121
George Lunn 118
Phillip  Dyke 109
Jairo Martinez 105
Emma Ross 104
Chris Neale 101
Simon Hildebrand 99
Dan Vince 94
Lydia Furness 90
Charlie Caine 82
Rebecca Illingworth 78
Saskia Watson (aged 11) 76
Liz Davies 76
Lily Caine 68
Canna Whyte 63
Josian Gauld 58
Justin Uttley 50
Elle Elcocks 36
Lizzy Slade 33
Nik Royale 30
Riley Sargent 27

Bloc Climbing is closed

We are closed from the 5th January until further notice, due to the lockdown.

If you need to contact us, email: and we will get in touch when the centre reopens.

Please stay safe. See you soon!