Bristol Open Bouldering Championships 2016 – Essential Information.

With the Bristol Open Bouldering Championships back for 2016 on November 26th, here are a few essential bits of information to keep you in the loop.

  • It is a 1 day event
  • It starts at 1pm.
  • There will be a mixed Semi-final and Superbloc final (explanation to follow if you have not heard of this before). This is scheduled to start at 7pm.
  • £2 for a scorecard (if you are entering). Then your normal entry rate on top.
  • Juniors are welcome to join in the open round although they are not specifically set for. We will categorise the (under 16) scores online after the event. (The best scores count in the open round, no matter your age).
  • Vets (40+) will also be catergorised in the scoring published after the event.
  • Normal entry and no further costs if you just wish to climb on the day.
  • Staff on hand throughout to support and keep those energy levels up.
  • Of course, we will as always have all the best route setting, vibes and music throughout the day.

More information to come

As more and more information for this event is confirmed this page will continue to be updated, keep a check on for when this happens.

If you have any questions then please ask on the events page using the link above.