1 Year Old Today

It’s hard to believe that it was one year ago Bloc opened it’s doors. In a foggy head of paint fumes and sleep deprivation the team assembled and welcomed our first customers.

We knew from the start what we wanted to achieve, a centre with a warm welcome, encouraging atmosphere and great facilities, where a variety of angles would compliment quality route setting. Oh, and the coffee and cake cake needed to be top notch too!

In  November 2013 we’d had the good news that planning had been granted and  as December began we could finally commence the build, meaning we could go from this……









To this…

A busy corporate competition

















And the cavernous space was transformed. Fortunately we had a great build team behind us.

Photo 14-02-2014 18 12 06










Thanks to everyone that made a difference, kept us sane and offered words of support.

Wall build team – Simon, Martin, Jon, Jason, Dave, Lloyd, Steve, Yan

Route set team – Cailean, Ben, Jason, Simon, Jak, Steve, Will, Andy, Rob

BananaFingers – Tom & Nick

Climbing Wall Solutions – Will, Ron, Sean

Core – Tim, Steve and Leo

Beta – Simon & Iain

Very Berry – Aimee

Jamie McNeil

All our staff, past and present – Steve, Rebecca, Lydia, Jason, Henry, Callum, Emily, Yan, Neil, SJ & Adinda

And finally all of our valued customers who create such a brilliant vibe. We’ve a party on tonight so come and join in the fun!